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Windows Technical support provides the best solution to the network issues. Today mostly user use the windows operating system hence user will have to face the many problems who network related. Then the user can contact of Windows technical support team.

Windows technical support team always prepare to solve the problem who network related issues. A network is made when two or more computer system linked together. The connection may be through cables or wireless. Whose reason user have not face the network related problem.

Here we discussed network issues of the Windows
initial Configuration

The first problem arises in the mind is glitches that occur when configuring your network, your systems, and resources for use. There are many components who raise the typical network like as size and use grows, so do its complexities and the possibility for problems to arise.

Credential, Permission and Rights Problems:

When you configured everything correctly and connected all systems without issue – then you think that what could possibly go wrong? Anything and everything.
The first problem is that comes to mind with Windows systems is credentials, permissions, and rights. Most times, you may try to access a host and you cannot access the internet because they cannot log in, or they do not have permissions to access resources once they are logged in.

Network Performance:

This is a most common issue with networking in general. This issue comes in the windows, performance can be affected in many ways. For example, if you build or purchase a computer system without taking into consideration the applications you will run many the networks. If network performance is bad so this issue can produce many reasons like either the network is too slow, the application was not developed with the network in mind.

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TCP/IP and other Protocol Problems:

We can resolve the problem who The TCP/IP in many ways. We will have to update knowledge about the TCP/IP. If any user wants to lock the network with IP(internet Protocol). Only that person access the internet who know the IP address. Basically, IP is used to the Authentication user.

General Security Concern- sometimes the user can not access the internet due to the virus, it may lead to network failure Then the user can use the firewall. Windows ‘s firewall is provided the host protection. Whose reason virus can not affect when the user uses the internet. The windows firewall is really helpful in performing the function at the host level.
Posted by windowssupport on 27 July 2017